Stormy Kromer The Jockey Cap - Fashion Wool Hat in Harris Tweed --|-- 272

Stormy Kromer The Jockey Cap In Harris Tweed Lowell M

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  • FASHION BALL CAP: This fashionable ladies’ ball cap is perfect for a night on the town or a casual afternoon. With a fashion ball cap fit, it will be comfortable anywhere. The perfect apparel accessory to pair with your favorite fall scarf or gloves.
  • COMPOSITION: This fashion ball cap is constructed with 100% wool harris tweed and 100% cotton flannel lining. The brim is a solid cotton canvas.
  • VERSATILE: This fashion hat is perfect for women as it easily matches casual or formal outfits. The versatile design can be worn throughout the year, whether it be in cold months or warmer winter temperatures.
  • OUR STORY: It all started with one cap, and a century later we’re still making products as authentically as the first one. You can’t pretend to be a legend. It’s something you earn from your customers, your commitments, and always carrying through.
  • CUT AND SEWN IN THE USA: Located in Michigan, Stormy Kromer has been crafting reliable and high-quality hats for over a century. We are dedicated to superior customer service with an offered lifetime warranty for all cap products.

Details: The Jockey Cap is a fashionable wool ball cap that can be worn out on the town or during a casual afternoon. This wool hat is constructed with 100% wool harris tweed and 100% cotton flannel lining. With a fashion ball cap fit, this hat is comfortable in any weather and can be worn during any activity. In 1903, George “Stormy” Kromer — a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer — asked his wife, Ida, for a solution to the freezing prairie wind stealing his cap as he worked on his locomotive. Her solution was to hand-stitch the now-famous earband on one of Stormy’s old baseball caps. The hat stayed on. His head stayed warm. And a legend was born. Today everything, from our materials to our method, is as authentic as that first cap. Our family-run factory in the rugged and remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been crafting quality fabric products for three generations now. We’re proud to continue George and Ida’s legacy of innovation and style. Although our company has grown and our designs continue to evolve, some things will never change — like our commitment to quality, our neighborly customer service, and our genuine belief in the value of a really great cap.